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Lynn Bechard Pelzer

"I've been in this business for 3.5 years and have 'weeded' through innumerable offers and trainings - yours is the FIRST ONE that just resonates down to earth simplicity, clarity and relatability (is that a word)! I was thrilled when the universe led me to you and GG2NW and discovered you're a leader with a servant heart and I LOVE your every person, earthy philosophy! You keep it real and say it how it is, no hype, no pressure or push - just experiential, solid knowledge caring based advice. Your new program offering is so growth inspiring. I'm waiting in excited anticipation for whatever else you have in store for us. Keep it coming, girlfriend..."

Samantha Knapman

I regularly tune in to Shana's facebook lives.  I love the way she delivers her message, in an uncomplicated, supportive, friendly way - and it is coming from someone who has network  experience to share.  Shana shares worksheets, and tips that are really useful - in fact her "How to be a Facebook Superstar" notes were really helpful in inspiring me to do my first facebook live.  Similarly I have put her worksheets on approaching prospects to good use too.

Briana Cadd

Very often we are blessed with the chance encounter with a person that radiates such positivity, enthusiuam and a passion to change lives- and Shana Recker is just that. Her beautiful caring nature, integrity and genuine want to help all network marketing professionals through Girlfriends Guide to Network Marketing, makes her a great mentor and an Inspiration. She is the kind of girl you would love to have as your best friend, motivating you to reach for the stars and achieve everything that you want.

Rosalynne McFadden

I had been looking for ways to get more traction on my posts that I was doing on both my personal and business page. I'd heard of personal branding but wasn't sure how to go about creating this until.....Shana posted her How to be a FB Live Superstar document!!! I immediately printed it off and did my first live video that day! put me out of my comfort zone but as I have being doing more, I feel way more comfortable. It is such an easy to follow document and I love how simply the steps are laid out from planning content to actually going LIVE!!!! I have been very impressed by how much more waaaaay more traction I've been getting and...they are so much fun to do!

Angela Decker
The Girlfriend's Guide Mastermind Coaching Group has been life changing!  I'd watched Shana's videos on Facebook and found her so relatable, which only proved truer once I started with this group.  She touched on so many key points that were holding me back in my business and personal growth, while gently pushing me to grow as well.  The ladies in the group were an awesome support system, and even though our session ended months ago, we continue to chat and support one another.  It was truly like hanging out with a bunch of girlfriends, and was by far one of the best investments I've made in myself, and my business to date!
Wendy NG
"I had been struggling along with thinking so much about my business when I first met Shana. I decided to jump in to her group coaching because I connected with her energy and her down to earth style. Shana shared so much of her knowledge and experience in network marketing and helped me make a shift in my mindset and a shift in how I take action to move my business forward. I am so glad to be connected to and learn from a group other like minded women!"
Leslie Nevins Gerson
"The GG Group Coaching Community was such a great experience for me. Shana educated the group on everything and anything that could be standing in the way of success in our NWM businesses. She is kind, professional and speaks in a way that makes you want to learn more. And she is always available if you have any issues. The group itself is a safe place to talk freely about what's holding you back and what is helping you in your business. Since I started with this group, my mind has shifted in so many ways and my business has started to grow stronger".
Carol Thomson
This group has been very life-changing for me. I was so nervous to start this group coaching, but it was one of the best decision I’ve made! I’ve learned to journal, write down affirmations, work on my mindset and dream bigger than I have ever done! When you believe in yourself, it’s amazing what you can do. Not only has this group helped me in my business, but also in my life. “When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Thank you, Shana"

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